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New this year our premium members, President's Club Members, can attend most of our over 30 events for free. This includes the Leadership Breakfast Series (LBS), the Opening Party, the Holiday Party and the Special Interest Group Meetings (SIGs). In addition, your guest can attend at preferred pricing available only to members.

Club Members who are also HBS alumni are invited to join an Alumni Forum. Alumni Forums are groups of 8-12 individuals whose mission is to help its members grow personally and professionally by sharing in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust, and respect.

Members are exclusively invited to attend the school’s “Virtual Learning Series”, in which you can participate in a monthly moderated conference call with an HBS professor discussing a timely business issue.

Working Knowledge, in partnership with the HBS Alumni Relations Office, makes exclusive faculty-related content available on a quarterly basis for Club members only. These articles are published to Club members 30 days before the general public sees them in Working Knowledge.


"I joined and am became an active member of the HBS Atlanta Club.  It provides an unparalleled opportunity for professional networking and local socializing with sharp individuals across industries, skill sets and age ranges in the Atlanta area.  Being involved as an active member spurred career and professional opportunities so much that I volunteered to became involved in the club leadership.  That has really widened my network of friends and opened my thinking, similar to what the HBS experience did for me.”

   Paul Sims, MBA 2002

"Serving as an officer and President of the HBS Club of Atlanta has allowed me to build business relationships, to learn and to contribute to the Atlanta community."


   Amanda Setili, Managing Partner, Setili & Associates, LLC  

“I joined the HBS Club of Atlanta when I arrived in Atlanta in June 2002 to expedite my integration into the metro Atlanta community.  I have retained my membership since then because the club is the best resource for networking, staying informed, learning and personal/professional growth that I have found in the metro Atlanta region.  Membership ROI is directly proportional to membership engagement.  I encourage you to join and be engaged, it is well worth your time.” 

   Alex Perwich MBA 1989, President, Contained Energy, Inc.  

“The Atlanta HBS Club is a terrific way to stay connected and informed.  The programming is interesting and timely; and covers a wide variety of business topics.  It is a great investment!”

   Gail Morales, MBA 1985, SVP Bank of America 

“Club gatherings offer the opportunity to exchange information and share advice on the challenges we face in our businesses.”

   Alan Neely, AMP 1997, Retired, Korn/Ferry International  

“I joined the HBS Club of Atlanta when my children went off to college and I finally had time on my hands. I am now running some events for the Club and am more involved than I ever expected. I have made lifelong friends of all ages and with similar interests, thanks to HBS.”

   Erin Wolf, MBA 1984, SuiteTrack® LLC  

“The HBS Club of Atlanta has given me friendships, exposure to local business leaders and HBS faculty members, a wealth of information on the many changes at the School, the opportunity to contribute as an officer and director of the Club and as a director of the HBS Alumni Association and mentoring opportunities. I recently was able to help a young graduate find a new job. If all this weren’t enough, the Club has been very helpful in my business as a merger and acquisition consultant. Multiple transactions I have closed were introduced to me by other members of the Club, who have been unfailingly generous in sharing knowledge and relationships.”

   Roger B Orloff, MBA 1963, President – The Acquisition Search Corporation 

 “I attended my 25th reunion this September in the midst of the financial meltdown.  It was great to hear real time input from Harvard faculty and other alumni.  The Atlanta HBS Club lets me maintain that Harvard connection.  I’ve enjoyed the breakfast series, the Virtual Lunch Series, and the SIG events, which are a fun way to hear from successful business leaders in a small- group, interactive setting.”

   Catherine Cates, MBA 1983, CEO, Quest Medical LLC 

"Membership in the HBS Club of Atlanta gives me a slice of the HBS experience away from campus.  Our diverse group of graduates - Executive Ed., MBA, and DBA - creates a special, close community and provides opportunities for life-long learning and contributing.  Getting involved as a member and Board Member has been a very rewarding experience."

   William F. "Woody" Faulk, MBA 1992, Vice President, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

 “I belong to the Atlanta Club because it’s a great way to meet bright and accomplished members and speakers whose experiences enrich my life.  Participation enabled me to do something genuinely constructive for the Atlanta community, namely designing and implementing our scholarship program for nonprofit executives.”   

  Bill Schwendler MBA 1966, Retired Grumman Corporation executive 

“I am an active member of the HBS Atlanta Club because no other club can provide me with as many opportunities for professional networking, contributing, staying connected and learning.” 

   Brooke Trible Weinmann, MBA 1984, Co-Founder, Atlanta Girls' School  

 “The most rewarding aspect of membership of the HBS Club has been access to a very diverse set of HBS alumni. In addition to organizing great learning/networking events, they have also made time to advise and mentor recent alumni like me.”

   Torarie Durden,  MBA 2004, Vice President, PBFN, Inc. 

No other single club offers as many networking, social and continuing education events. It’s my one-stop-shop for extracurricular professional activities.”

   Les Williams, MBA 2005, Jones Lang LaSalle 

“Perhaps even more than other towns, Atlanta thrives on shared relationships and interconnections. When I recently moved here, I contacted the HBS Club as soon as I had a free moment–it’s among the most efficient ways to quickly find fun and worthwhile events to attend in Atlanta with friendly and like-minded fellow alums. I’m so glad I joined.”

   Peter Lauer, MBA1988


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