Acadia Associates

Founded in 2002 and led by Harvard MBAs, Acadia Associates has 2 services: Executive Search and Job Transition Consulting. Our work weaves in 5 values: Trust, Focus, Dignity, Humility, and Responsiveness.

Executive Search: We fill Director to C-level positions, focusing on B2B Services and Consumer/Retail/Hospitality firms. Our Interviewer Alignment process, Performance Based Pricing, and Money-Back Guarantee are 3 key differentiators. All searches are Partner led and executed.

Job Transition Consulting: We help executives from many industries who are in a job transition or planning for one. One-on-One Coaching and monthly Small Group Meetings are how we help. Some of our differences include a 3 step process of Optimizing Your Mind, Clarifying Your Direction, and Invigorating Your Presentation.

We believe in Paying It Forward and are committed to Community Service. Persons with Disabilities, Nonprofit Organizational Capability Building, and Teenage Leadership Development are our focus areas.

"Acadia" means “Trusted Partner” in the Micmac language, a Native American tribe of coastal Maine.